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Sip Savvy Series

The Sip Savvy Series is our new educational series designed to heighten your enjoyment of every pour, starting with the basics of tasting.

Wine makes a great addition to any holiday party. Wine brings people together, enhances food and practically owns toast making.



Before your gathering, select wine and appropriate glasses that showcase the wine’s characteristics and aroma. For white wine, glasses with smaller bowls hold cooler temperatures; for reds, a larger bowl tapered at the top preserves the wine’s aroma. If you’re pouring the wine in your shipment, use a slightly taller glass than a Cabernet stem for the Syrah and a Chardonnay glass with a slightly narrow rim for the white.



Having wine glasses and appetizers ready when guests arrive creates a festive atmosphere and gives everyone something to talk about from the start. Plan to pair small bites with your wine. For the 2018 Chardonnay, try appetizers with roasted fig spread or cracked crab. For Syrah, thin-sliced Proscuitto and Capicola work well. As for serving temperature, open Syrah up to two hours before guests arrive to allow it to breathe. In general, red wine is served from 50 to 65º F. For white, open 25 minutes before and serve from 45 to 50º F.



Announcing a toast is an effective way to gather guests at the table. Set clean glasses at their places, pour the wine and take your spot at the head of the table. Lead your toast with kindness, acknowledging your guests and setting the tone for the celebration. When you clink, take great care not to tap the rims, which could shatter the glass. Instead, aim for the “bell” of the glass, which is the strongest part in the middle. That’s the sweet spot for the celebratory chime sound. If you are too far from someone to clink, a raised glass and head nod will do the trick.


Cheers to an amazing holiday resounding with the sound of celebration!