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Sip Savvy Series

The Sip Savvy Series is an educational series designed to heighten your enjoyment of every pour.


When wine is served at proper temperatures, aromas rise from the glass, layers of primary and secondary flavors emerge, and accents are more easily noticeable. Each wine has an optimal temperature range, yet experts recommend using the “Goldilocks method” to determine temperature instead of a thermometer: not too cool, not too hot – “just right.” Here’s a handy temperature chart for reference:

Wine Temperature
Red 60-68°F (slightly cool)
White and Rosé 38-45°F (refrigerator cold)
Rich White 45-55°F (cool)
Light Red 55-60°F (cool)
2019 Chardonnay 38-45°F (refrigerator cold)
2018 Reserve Syrah 60-68°F (slightly cool)
2018 Block 5 Syrah 60-68°F (slightly cool)

The rule of thumb is to avoid extreme temperatures when serving wine. If you get in a time crunch, try these quick fixes. If the wine is too cool, immerse the bottle in a bucket of warm water or decant it in a container rinsed in hot water (Remember the decanter must be fully dry before adding wine.) To cool wine that is at room temperature: Fill a bucket with half ice and half water. Chill white wine 20 minutes before serving; red wine 10 minutes.

Whatever temperature you like your wine, we wish you warm holidays!