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Sip Savvy Series

Sip Savvy is an educational series created to heighten your enjoyment of every pour. In this article, we focus on where the grapes in your Bridlewood wine originate.

Wine is Santa Barbara County’s number one finished agricultural product. Do you ever wonder where the grapes in your favorite Bridlewood wine come from? Our grapes are sourced from designated wine grape growing regions distinguishable by their unique terroir and geography, known as American Viticulture Areas (AVAs). There are 246 government-designated AVAs in 33 states with over half in California. Santa Barbara County is known for anomalies of east-west mountain ranges and ocean-cooled micro-climates. The County is divided into six AVAs. Two of them, Santa Maria Valley and the Santa Ynez Valley, are then broken down into four sub-AVAs (west to east): Sta. Rita Hills, Ballard Canyon, Los Olivos District and Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara. Trace where the fruit in our wine club members’ latest wine club shipment originated:
Fruit Sourced:  Grenache and Pinot Gris for our 2019 Rosé
Location: Bounded by the San Rafael Mountains and the Los Padres National Forest to the east and by the Solomon Hills to the west, designated as an AVA in 1981
Fact: Santa Barbara County’s first officially approved AVA known for complex soil conditions and diverse microclimates
Fruit Sourced: Syrah for our 2019 Rosé and Zinfandel
Location: Between Santa Ynez and San Rafael Mountains, designated as an AVA in 1983
Fact: A unique east-west transverse valley, allowing Pacific Ocean breezes and fog to funnel inland and create an array of unique microclimates
Fruit Sourced: Cabernet Sauvignon
Location: Eastern edge of Santa Ynez Valley northwest of Lake Cachuma, designated as an AVA in 2009
Fact: The warmest micro-climate of the Santa Barbara County AVAs